Turning a day around.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the Part II of M&M’s birth story. I’ve been otherwise occupied this week!

Last night my baby sister (I’m the oldest of four) graduated from high school. This caused me to be out until about 11pm and, with pumping and decompressing, I didn’t get to sleep until midnight. I typically go to bed around 9:30pm and 10pm is really pushing it.

The night is kind of a blur. I was “supposed” to be at Crossfit this morning at 6am, but as I went to bed I decided to skip it in favor of a better night’s sleep. Of course that is not what I got. M was brought in to me just as I was drifting off. At some point Dot crawled into our bed after a bad dream (very usual for her anymore) and hogged all the covers. M woke at some point, but I didn’t register when, and I went in to nurse her then and again at 5am. I then considered Crossfit but was swayed by the fact that Tony had a 7am call that would create a tricky hand-off.

I went back to bed.

But I didn’t sleep. Everything was off. The people in the bed, the order of the night, the happenings of the morning. I drifted a bit from 6am to 7am, when M woke and as I went to get her Dot woke too. She then cried for Daddy and nothing is more frustrating than a kid that wants something not from you.

I feel immensely frustrated that I missed Crossfit. I feel off. I now need to find a new time to go. I’ve paid for three times a week and I’ll be damned if I don’t use them. There isn’t enough time. There aren’t ample opportunities. The week is passing by too fast.

You know, the normal stuff.

After 10-15 minutes Tony comes up and says his call got canceled.


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I am in a mood. I am craving a release like no other. Obviously exercise is my preferred release. And sleep is it’s happy companion. I’m snappy. I’m overwhelmed. Humph.

But I make myself a good breakfast (re-heat some paleo egg muffins, sautée some baby shrimp, spinach and sweet peppers in coconut oil) and enjoy some creamy coffee. I entice the girls in helping me pick up the playroom. Dot heads off to school and I put M down for a nap. It’s a struggle, of course,and I cling to sanity while she cried for forty minutes.

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While she sleeps I do dishes, vacuum, and wash windows. When she wakes we go for a walk in the sun. I return home feeling much better. We play for a bit and she goes down again. I have leftover chicken veggie soup for lunch, over some melted-butter spinach. Then I wash more windows, mirrors, and wiped down sinks. I got dressed and prep for errand-running when she wakes.

After hitting Costco and having an unproductive experience at the mall I grabbed the opportunity to make it to a 4pm Crossfit class. Going in the afternoon was weird. The flow to my day was bizarre; the temps were way warmer; the people all new. I was out of my comfort zone but I was glad I went. Afterward I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fix-ins for the dinner we grilled (burgers, grass-fed steak from the farmer’s market and asparagus for days) and ate outside, with my sister joining us no less.

Suddenly it felt like a beautiful, summer, Friday night spent carelessly in the backyard. And, seeing as it’s actually Thursday, there’s an added blessing there (weekends are great but Thursday and Friday are baby-mommy days, when we take on the world. Or at least the house…). Somehow my day went from the most off-putting I’ve had in awhile to perfectly pleasant as well as productive.

Coincidentally I tweeted this two days prior:

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It’s always good when you take your own advice.

And even better when it works!

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