Dear Blog (and blog readers),

I know I’ve been neglecting you. Really, it’s not personal. I think about you every day and, truly, I have so much to say. There’s just this whole never-enough-time thing.

We are in the midst of an especially busy season of life. The weekends have been jam-packed and the weekdays have been devoted to recovery, survival, and scrambling to prepare for the next thing. Well, that and crossfit 3x per week, keeping Paleo (me) and a somewhat decent house, gymnastics, Timbers games, doctor and dentist appointments, family time, and, you know, the whole make a living thing (that would be the husband, forever juggling).

There have been birthday and graduation parties to attend. We had a three-day garage sale at our house in which eleven family members participated. This weekend we are having Dot’s 4th(!) birthday party at our house. The next weekend we are headed to the beach for five days.

Add to that a couple weeks of a massive whole-house purge and an entire re-landscape-for-swing-set project in the backyard.

No wonder I feel like I’ve hardly sat down in weeks.

The weekend after next we penciled in (well, we use Google calendar but the equivalent of that) a weekend of rest. No plans allowed. Because we will need the break before the annual extended family camping trip the weekend following. And, now that I’m the matriarch of a family, I understand that, really, camping is so much work.

So, dear blog, I am sorry for the lowly place you fall on the priority list. I’m off living life and I hope to resume my blogging of it soon.

No Regrets,

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