A nice day.

Sometimes a nice day is just exactly what one needs. Not a fantastic day, or even a great one; these often are sandwiched by build-ups and let-downs (or in the mom’s case clean-up). Too much grandiose calls for exhaustion. And that pull-push pendulum of frenetic energy and depletion is exactly where we’ve been lately.

Today I had a nice day. Today was a nice day. Dot went to daycare, which is unusual for a Monday. I skipped 6am Crossfit, which is also unusual. I have had about a week of post-nasal drippage which has led to a few days of laryngitis. Yesterday was the worst, though today I still alternate between huskily hoarse and annoyingly squeaky. I decided to direct my body’s recovery efforts toward wellness versus newly sore muscles. I slept in until 6:30.

Dot got up at 6:45 and snuggled in with my for awhile. We went downstairs while Tony had a work call and I was able to pump a good half-bottle. M&M slept until 7:30, a five-hour stretch from her last waking around 2am. I made four small fillets of Trader Joe’s Denver Sole for breakfast and a giant smoothie of farmer’s market kale and strawberries, coconut milk and avocado. I was able to eat leftovers for lunch.

Even though there was some homemade chicken soup still in the fridge (a week old at this point, but who’s counting?) and last night’s large batch of green curry, I felt like there wasn’t any meat around. No bacon. No sausage. No ground beef. No hamburger patties. No deli ham. Nothing to grab.

I decided to remedy this situation during M’s morning nap. I grabbed a ziploc of boneless pork chops from the freezer and, not finding any promising (plaeo-friendly) slow cooker recipes for them, ending up defrosting them a bit, adding a random dry rub (salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, turmeric), and putting them in the slow cooker with coconut milk and homemade chicken stock. I also made a big batch of green tea which I’m looking forward to drinking iced tomorrow.

Oh, there was even a shower in there somewhere. Bonus points.

Then a friends came over for a visit. M took a seriously long nap so we got to talk in peace. In fact, the house was as peaceful as it’s been in ages. Like way, way, too long. M woke and we ate lunch together. My mom got me an immersion blender as a belated birthday present and I’m having fun making baby food with it (among other things). For lunch M had an avocado, chicken, applesauce purée and finally got the hang of her new mesh eater when I put some watermelon in.

After that we went on a nice walk, something that’s been sorely missing from our routine these past weeks. The sun was out and it was clear that summer has arrived in Portland. Even if the days aren’t terribly warm, the mornings lack the chilly bite of last month and the nights are slow to cool down.

During the babe’s afternoon nap I put on my bikini (lol, my backyard bikini) and read the new issue of Portland Monthly in the sun. It’s a pretty quick read so then I just laid a bit (something I never, ever, do) and was kind of shocked by how quickly I began to drift off!

Baby monitor to the rescue, M woke up after an hour down. We hung out and played for a little bit and then I sucked it up at went to the 4pm crossfit class.

  • 120 squats
  • 100 double unders (300 singles for me)
  • 80 kettle bells
  • 40 burpees
  • strong desire to puke

I got home at 5:07pm. I made a quick salad to go with dinner while Tony fed M and prepped Dot’s hot dog (ugh, three separate meals, I hate it!) and we all ate at the kitchen table together. After dinner Dot went out in the backyard to play (the new swing set is really a hit–I’m so glad it worked out). I gave M a bath and put her down..at 6:15! Only two naps for the little lady today. We’ll see how she sleeps tonight…

Daddy and Dotter are currently eating popcorn and watching Peter Pan II in our bed. I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and then grabbed my laptop and decided to head out to the patio to make this blog post happen.

The sky is actually starting to spit a bit. And I need another shower before bed. But it’s been a very nice day. And that’s something one needs every once in awhile.

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