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The Koala Stage.

This picture might well be M&M and I lately. She is at that perfect little Koala Stage. She’s big enough to hold her own (i.e. no longer dead weight, she grasps and clings and molds her little body into mine) … Continue reading

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Ninety [90] Days of Paleo and Crossfit.

This coming weekend marks three months since I embarked on this journey. One month later I graduated from the On Ramp class, which means I have now been doing legit Crossfit workouts for two months. And by “legit” I mean, … Continue reading

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Mid-summer is a brief reprieve.

Ahhhhh, a post. This is what I’ve been longing to do for days now. Weeks? How long has it been? Time is slipping through my fingers as usual. Our recent weekend adventures that involve days of prepping the week before … Continue reading

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Four years old.

My first baby is now four years old. Four years ago I brought a living being into this world. I don’t think the shock and awe of that, and wonder at the way the time passes, will ever go away. … Continue reading

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Family Biking Conundrum.

When I was a kid, biking was a given. My parents had bikes and before I could ride my own I rode in a seat on the back of theirs. I watched my siblings (I have three younger ones) rotate … Continue reading

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Our Story: The Beginning.

Because Facebook has taken it upon itself to remind me of my own anniversary, I’ve decided to post here a piece of our wedding day. This week we celebrate our two year wedding anniversary, and five years since our first … Continue reading

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