Mid-summer is a brief reprieve.

Ahhhhh, a post.

This is what I’ve been longing to do for days now. Weeks? How long has it been?

Time is slipping through my fingers as usual. Our recent weekend adventures that involve days of prepping the week before and bleed into the week after have sapped most semblance of normalcy around here. We have made it out the other side, though. We now have just over a month before the next Big Thing (that would be flying to Iowa to visit family). This is our summer. We are ready to own it.

Now could someone tell the Portland area weather that?

No school is great. It’s going to be hard to go back. The chillins are pretty darn good. Sweet and spicy, those girls. Husband just returned from the doctor (we all have had a cold for the past week but it hit him the hardest) with a Rx for ‘rest and relaxation’. Uhhhh….what?! There isn’t often much of that to spare around here but we will do our best to scrounge some up. Our house is slowly exiting survival mode and I am relieved to see progress. Though I can foresee this brink-of-disaster place being where we spend a lot of time next year. Next order of business is the yard.

I am bopping along taking each to-do as it comes, marking time by an hour of nap and two hours of awake time. I long for lengthier stretches of sleep at night, but am getting by surprisingly well. Some credit for that definitely goes to regular workouts (I haven’t dipped under 3x per week in the past three months) and, of course, Paleo.

Now that things are settling down for the present, I’m lining up some opportunities for me to have some time to myself. Not a chance-to rush-out-of-the-house-and-support-others, but a couple hours to run errands at my own pace, shop, meet a friend, or even just work uninterrupted on a project around the house. I remember this from Dot’s babyhood, but new motherhood = ADD. I miss have time, thoughts, wants, needs, and intentions uninterrupted. Such luxuries become more plausible once you can park them in front of the TV (what? you know it’s true!) but until then? All breaks must be intentional.

multi-tasking mom mommy motherhood doing it all weights fitness exercise baby diapers cell phone laptop working cooking eating sleeping cleaning sahm stay at home mom busy stressed add attention deficit disorderSummer is passing so quickly it’s jarring to me. But that’s always lately. Something about watching children grow makes the seasons ebb and flow into each other so that time seems to jump whenever you turn your head. And then someone needs pants that fit 😉

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