My nine month old.

My nine month old is blossoming by the day. Whereas from about four months to eight, she mostly stayed in a similar [sedentary] groove, I am forced now to look ahead to the ever-nearing end of babyhood.

baby 9mos crawl crawling swim swimming swimsuit pool water baby girl pinkMy nine month old crawls. She officially started on August 13, 2011 at about 8.5 months old. She army crawled for a week (if that) and now more often properly crawls on hands and knees. She also learned how to go from crawling back to sitting upright. Now I find her sitting up in her crib playing with the buttons on her mobile. You know, the one that says to remove at five months (oops! parenting fail!). In the past week she has begun pulling up on things but doesn’t quite have the hang of it yet. That’s fine girl, we’re in no hurry.

My nine month old takes two naps each day. This is a recent and worked-for transition so as to better manage some of the disruptions ahead. I’d be over the moon if I could synchronize big sister’s after-lunch nap with baby sister’s afternoon one. Even just a little.

My nine month old does not sleep through the night. She’s slept six hours on 3-4 occasions though. And, generally, she does sleep 11-12 hours. She just wants to nurse three (yes, three) times within that period. Whereas it was every three hours for the longest time she is evolving to some longer stretches and that makes me hopeful. Though, at this point of overall sleep deprivation, band-aids pretty much make me hopeful. It’s the whole staying positive thing.

paleolithic primal tomato hamburger ground beef infant eating dinner food My nine month old eats three meals a day. And she loves every second of it. She’s basically a Paleo-baby so far, though she occasionally has rice cereal added to purees and noms on Baby Mum-Mums because they’re so darn convenient. Those are mostly an out-of-the-house food. Overall she eats a lot of meat (chicken, beef, pork, even fish), and tons of fruit and vegetables. She loves berries and we have to be careful not to let her gorge on them. She went through a phase where she was crazy for garlic-roasted squash. She is still ga-ga for roasted tomatoes. If I share some of my green smoothie (usually spinach/kale, coconut milk, berries/banana, sometimes avocado or nut butter, etc.) with her, I can be sure she will eat about half of it. I’ve apparently burnt her out on both eggs and avocado (much to my dismay). But she is downright obsessed with bacon! She’s mostly over purees and handles seriously large chunks of food with ease. She has actually never choked, which I kind of cannot believe. She does love her some full-fat greek yogurt, though that’s an occasional “uh-oh there was barely any fat in your meal of chicken, fruit, and raw veggies” supplement. Just this morning I mixed some almond butter with applesauce and she was a big fan. For the most part she eats what I eat, which is very nice because at least someone around here does!

My nine month old has eight teeth–four on the top and four on the bottom. I hope we get a break from teething around here for awhile.

My nine month old is exclusively cloth diapered. We are going on six months now and are still 100% happy with our decision. Our favorite diapers are Flips, Fuzzibunz, and (for overnight) BumGenius Elementals. A few months ago (when the pocket diapers started repelling) I began using Charlie’s Soap and am very pleased with that as well.

My nine month old says “Ma-Ma” alllll the time. She says it when she wants me, when she wants food, when she wants more. She says “Ba ba ba” but that’s more random. She gets the gist of the “more” baby sign, but has yet to do it herself. She waves “Hi!” and puts her hands over her head signalling me to do the same and say “Partyyyyy!”

My nine month old thinks her big sister is hilarious. I can tell she misses Dot on the days that she’s gone.

hot sling baby wearing infant pacifier paci boppy little girl pink polka dotMy nine month old still rides happily in my Hotsling when we’re out and about, and is hit-or-miss lately with the Ergo. I don’t know if it was my using the sling more (so convenient!) that resulted in her having an affinity, but she definitely prefers to snuggle up folded in half against my chest. And yes, strangers still stop as if they’ve never seen it before.

My nine month old loves her pacifier, though (save for recent traveling) I make a conscious effort to keep it to the crib and the car. I’m not worried about breaking the habit, but I don’t see a need it overdoing it either.

My nine month old weighs 16lbs. 8.5ozs. She is 27.5in long and has a head circumference of 17.5in. I only know this because she just had her well check two days ago.

My nine month old is still the sweet girl she’s been for the past 3/4 of a year. She’s just got a few more tricks in her repertoire. She is silly and jolly. She is sweet and vivacious. She is loving, friendly, shy, and even coy. Whenever someone outside the immediate family smiles at her she gives and big toothy grin back and buries her little head into Mom or Dad’s shoulder/chest. She loves animals; she even tolerates being licked in the face! And she is so very drawn to music. We have an iPod dock in the kitchen and she very adeptly communicates when she wants it on. She will then smile, “sing” and be generally over-the-moon at the presence of music.

My nine month old is getting to be a big baby. Before I know it she will enter toddlerhood. It happens. But for now, she’s still my sweet baby girl. Happy nine months M&M!

happy smiley eight teeth nine months overalls dress red white and blue sitting up bald blondie

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