Breastfeeding and Biting.

nursing can hurt baby babies bite clamp nipple boob breast breasts nipples In honor of Miss M&M biting the $#%* out of my right nipple this morning, I am resurrecting an old post from when Dotter was ten months and change (just a few weeks older than M currently is).

Now, I do hope that my second nursling is not headed down the same road her big sister took. But if she is, this is a good reminder that breastfeeding is tough. Also a good reminder that tough times pass.

I remember this phase with Dot as the first time since she was a newborn that I wondered if continuing to nurse was worth it. But we made it, breastfeeding until she was almost two. And I’ll make it with little sister too. I truly couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

[Dot] is starting to have a big biting problem. And it’s when she nurses. So that means it’s really MY big biting problem. Except for maybe once today the boob has been put away every time because she is biting. And not once. I give her a bunch of tries.

She usually starts by just kind of biting down and then I say NO, and/or grab her arm or something and she’ll usually let go. And then it’s suck, suck, bite, suck, suck, bite. Each time getting harder. It’s at the point where she seems to think it’s some kind of game? She smiles and nearly giggles when I kind-of-but-not-really yell. I’ll even smack her on the butt or lightly on the cheek and she doesn’t care. Eventually she’ll CLAMP down and then I YELL and/or hit to get her to just let go.

And then the boob goes away.

This afternoon when we were leaving the park I went to nurse her, she did the same thing and then got my arm instead. Bit me so hard there are still red, raised areas in the shape of her teeth. SO GLAD it was my arm!!!

I thought before bed she would leave it be, but nope. Sucked just enough to get my milk to let down and then I had to get her off. Meanwhile I was squirting all over both of us after nearly a whole day without nursing.

I don’t know what to do. In the moment all I want is to get her off. And it makes me so nervous and jumpy even when she’s being good. Talk about taking the joy right out of the experience. I may have to track down one of my old nipple shields but who knows if she’d even take it and I REALLY don’t want to have to deal with those again. It’s so frustrating. I’m even wondering if this is some sort of self-weaning?

Ah, it’s nice to be a been-there-done-that mom this go-round!

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