The Things I Take For Granted.

This post somewhat echoes the sentiment of being thankful for reliable transportation.

This morning, when I left the house with maybe a minute to spare (5:50am, headed to a workout), the garage door stopped halfway shut. And crooked. And it stayed that way.


It was still crooked–and stuck–when I got home just over an hour later. Tony assessed the sitch. Got his car out and the door shut. But it will only open manually. So it’s getting looked at tomorrow (yay! just how we love to spend money!).

And it was out-of-order today.

This meant going out the front door. Schlepping groceries up the front step. It was an odd change-of-routine and made me thankful for the garage where we typically park two cars. And the door that typically functions without a second thought.

thankful thank thanksgiving what i'm thankful for blog thursday pumpkin decoration icon image And the 100 thousand trillion other similar situations.

A friends recently lost an assignment before she saved it. I’m thankful for every single time that doesn’t happen. I’m thankful for every gadget and gizmo that works as I expect it to. For hot water and electricity on command. For each debit or credit card purchase that processes without a hitch. For accounts that are correctly credited. For mail delivered. For dinner that isn’t burnt. For an order fulfilled. For an unremarkable physical exam. For an uneventful drive across town.

I’m thankful for all the times I don’t even notice, and for everything I have yet to even acknowledge.

This post is part of a month-long series detailing 25 Things I’m Thankful For.

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