Out of the Office.

out of the office holiday hours chlosed for christmas tis the season break blogging storeJust a word that I haven’t had a chance to blog in a couple weeks and I may not have a chance again for a few more. And that’s alright. This forum is here for me when I need it, if I can manage it. If it causes more stress, then what even is its purpose?

Priorities people.

My “winter break” is mostly anything but (story of my life) as I am continuing my internship, applying for graduate school and working on scholarship applications (which, by the way, is kind of killing me to spend precious time on not knowing if I will even be accepted thus deeming a whole mess of time and energy wasted), and trying to get a head start on an extra class I picked up for next term. And then there’s Christmas stuff, don’t forget! Santa to see, tree to procure, gifts to buy/make/wrap. Decorations to put up and activities to take part in. Cooking and baking. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we’ve also got two birthdays in the house. And thennnnn, there is everything I’ve put off or said I was going to do “when the term is done.”

As you can see, blogging easily falls by the wayside. And it is sad because I often think of things I’d like to say. It’s also flexible–perhaps I’ll find some time or be hampered by a burning desire. But as it stands, I am home for the holidays.

And that was my blog to tell you 🙂

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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