My First Ever New Year’s Resolutions.

happy new year year's new beginnings resolutions end of 2011 bye goodbye hello calendarTwenty-twelve. Welcome 🙂

I’ve never been one to do the resolution thing. Which is not to say I don’t make changes in my life; I think I tend to be more gradual and less, well…organized this time of year. Last year I made a late resolution to begin keeping a calendar (and a digital one at that). Once I began sharing an iCal with Tony I wondered how we’d ever survived before. And I haven’t once had to call and check when my hair appointment is because I lost the card. Success!

This year I easily listed of a dozen areas of life I’d like to improve on. I’m just not sure this is the year for an overhaul (201? and all). I’ve always wanted to do an ‘x of the day’ project, but I’m not adding stress to myself and my life in this season. Maybe next year. And, overall, I’m not looking for any huge changes. I’m happy. I’m headed in the direction I’d like to go. I have a loving family. I’m healthy and fit. I’m not bored. I’m not dying from stress (yet!). In most areas I/we have found a happy medium.

In 2012 I want to keep on keepin’ on.

I want us to finish what we’ve started, which I’m pretty confident is the max that we can handle–well. I’m going to graduate in June. Tony is going to get his company up and running. Dot is going to start kindergarten(!). M&M is going to walk…and talk! I’m either going to be half-way done with my Masters or supplementing our income with a second paycheck. We’ll shift yet again.

Which brings me to my official list of resolutions:

  1. More No’s, No Apologies (and less guilt!)– if I’m to make it through this year in one piece I need to do a better job of saying No. I’ve improved greatly but I still hem and haw over it, apologize profusely, make promises for the future (that I often cannot keep) and generally feel horribly guilty. But you know what? I can’t control the number of hours in the day. I can’t control the neediness of a family. I can’t control time or distance or [all] demands. And I can’t go one pretending as such. It’s not good for myself or for my family. So, more Nos. No apologies. And less guilt.
  2. Something with the House– not sure what this will look like but in 2012 something has got to change. It may be hiring someone to help out again. It may be some kind of chore schedule. It may be a radical shift in my perspective. I just can’t go on the way things are. The stress of the shit that never gets done is not worth it. Life is so much more than mopped floors or scrubbed showers. Still, it stresses my the eff out.
  3. Food Shopping– we have not yet been able to make the switch from grain-fed to grass-fed beef and that’s something I’d like to do better on this year. I want to make some kind of connection with a farm and follow through with joining a CSA. I am going to buy staples in bulk and maybe even online to cut down on the inefficiency of our current grocery shopping (regular trips to five separate stores and farmer’s market is just too much).
  4. Clothes Shopping– buy only items I cannot live without (i.e. love!). Invest in high quality basics. But buy “throwaway” trends! Don’t get caught up in sales. Buy more used. Overall goal of less outfit changes before leaving the house 😉
  5. Snail Mail– (here is where I may be shooting myself in the foot during a crazy year) be better about Thank Yous and increase written correspondence. Encourage kiddos to mail more often. Or, ever.
  6. Family Time– I hope that some of my more efficient/less stressful resolutions result in higher quality family time. I want to be more present with Dot this year (at four, she can tell!) and more aware of M&M as a budding individual and not an inactive infant and tag-along. This may involve reassessing what my weeks look like, as my two “off-days” are with M alone. Her growing (darn it! What does she have to go and do that?) changes what these days look like dramatically. Lastly, I want to be more intentional about couples time this year. Like, having some of it. We are still finding our ground as apart-all-day-husband-and-wife and I think we may have to do the whole “date night” thing. Or try to put our iPhones away in bed a bit more :p
  7. Pull-up– I kind of can’t believe I’m even saying this–have I really gone that far over the the dark side? I’d like to get some kind of pull-up in 2012. Kipping or strict, I don’t really care. But I’m going to make it happen.
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