Pantless: A day in the life

In September I bought new clothes for both my first internship and my new body. Size 6. Snug. (On a side note I’d bought pants for an interview in May. Size 8. I returned them after, not sure they’d still fit me come September. Smart move.)

By December they were loose. I could only wear them belted. I recently had to put a new notch in my too-big belt. My favorite jeans now resemble a diaper in the hip/crotch area.

It’s great to see “results”. It sucks to need new pants. Again.

It’s great to have an excuse to go shopping. It sucks to not really be able to afford the time spent doing so (or money, but whatev).

I got some new work slacks about in Nov/Dec from Value Village. Crisis averted in that arena. Kinda. The problem with traditional work-ish trousers is I have no shoes to go with. And I can’t find pumps that fit my feet to save my life. But that’s a drama for another day.

You wouldn’t think it’d be hard to get a smaller size of pants that have already proven themselves (Express Zelda leggings in a dark rinse, if you’re wondering). But it has been. No size 4 anywhere. Not in the store. Not online. I’ve tried a bunch of other jeans on but none come close (especially considering I originally got these for under $40). I did find some flare-ish ones (also Express, on sale for $32) but a girl needs a pair of skinny jeans.My wardrobe is built around skinny jeans. And anyway, I ordered them online, they took over a week to arrive and then a few days to get to my mom’s so she could hem them and have yet to be picked up a week later.

I have been wanting to try out the colored skinny denim trend and have drooled over red jeans for months now. I liked the Express ones (what can I say? Express fits me well!) but their freaking buy 1, get 1 50% off promotion means I have to find two I like and they never had the skinny black rinse I’d buy to go with in my size.

red legging jean colored denim skinny cut style 2011 2012 gap banana replublic old navy online shopping paleo pants newred skinny jean colored denim russian gap old navy banana republic cut style 2011 2012 legging online shopping paleo pants newThen I tried these red legging jeans on at Gap a couple weeks ago. And they were perfect. So perfect that I bought them. At regular price ($70). And, of course, I died a little and couldn’t bring myself to wear them. There’s no reason to pay full price for something from a company like Gap that does percentage off all the time. I watched my inbox and sure enough, a 25% off promo code a few days later. I ordered the pants and returned the others.

And let me rant just a bit here about Gap putting a hold on my card, charging my card (again!) when the items shipped and not releasing the hold for five business days. I do not understand how that is allowed? It pisses me off to no end for people (absolutely often including me) who don’t have an extra $100 for Gap and Mastercard to fuck around with for a week. Same rant applies to gas stations who run my card for way over the amount when I specify $20.

I considered just wearing the in-store pants and returning the online ones with the in-store receipt (are you following?) but it wasn’t worth it if something didn’t work out. Though it was not easy because dammit I got NO PANTS. Saturday my Gap package arrived. Sunday we ventured out to the mailbox and retrieved it. Monday (today) I tried the jeans on. They fit different. They’re too tight. WTF. Now I have to return them, or possibly exchange them (for the same size?) and I STILL HAVE NO PANTS.

OMG I really need the “simple” things in life to be less difficult than this. Pretty sure $20 was not worth it and also pretty sure I can’t spend $70 on pants that I don’t know I will wear on a near daily basis for the next two years.

When M&M wakes from nap we are going to have to trek to Lloyd Center (no Gap at our nearby mall) and attempt to remedy this situation. Maybe. Shopping with baby (jean shopping no less). On a holiday. With the threat of snow. Hmmm, maybe not such a bright move.

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