Winter in the Pacific Northwest.

Around here, it’s the hardest time of year
Waking up, the days are even gone
The collar of my coat
Lord help me, cannot help the cold
The raindrops sting my eyes
I keep them closed.

Lyrics from “Before it Breaks” by Brandi Carlile

About the second week in January, as the cheery glow of the holidays fade and the doldrums of dark mornings, darker nights and wet, short days set in, begins the hardest time of year for our region. Well, for me.

Brandi Carlile, one of my very favorite artists since the dark days of winter in 2006, is from Seattle. So she gets it.

I’m always surprised with how January sneaks up on me. In December the darkness sits in and the cold comes…but it’s cozy. There’s a holiday buzz to drown out the wind. And we’re all so busy. And this year, December was particularly gorgeous–sunny and crisp.

January has thus far been cold, cold and then wet, wet. We didn’t even get a good snow in the transition which, yes, I am rather bitter about. I’m going to hold out hope though, we’ve got another month or so to make something happen.

The funny thing is, this isn’t my most despised time of year. That would be a wet late spring. Heavy rains in May and even June drive an Oregonian (or maybe just me) batty as everything is ourselves screams for sunlight. Winter is much less desperate because all is as it should be. And so I embrace this season with it’s dark mornings and sideways wind. And I gear up for February, a month that has been known to vex me.

Most of all I keep on keepin’ on. I don’t actually have time to get down on the dark and dreary. And I am grateful to the rain for removing the guilt of days spent inside, on the computer, with the textbooks, over the stove, knee-deep in laundry, etc. I look forward to it being light when I wake in the five o’clock hour. And I look forward to less layers and an easier, breezier overall attitude.

everybody wants happiness nobody wants pain but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

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