Fourteen Months.

fourteen 14 image images rock stone carvedThere’s a milestone looming (in the next week, eek!) that probably doesn’t mean much to most mothers. I had no idea it would be so significant for me–for us. Dot was a rough, pretty high-needs baby. And at fourteen months, within a matter of days, she began both walking and sleeping through the night.

baby toddler fourteen months one year old little girl sunhat jeans walking toddling sand park playground oregon coast

Fourteen-month-old Dot, a new walker.

A toddler.

And we could count on 7pm to 7am.

It’s hard to believe but here we are at fourteen months, round two. M has always slept better than Dot did (and different, she’s very much a different kid), but she still doesn’t exactly sleep through the night. And while she’s taken a handful of steps, and it starting to regularly take one or two instead of dropping down to crawl, she is not yet walking. Fourteen months may come and go with the same gradual growing the weeks before it have…or life may transition in a hurry.

toothbrush toddler baby trouble troubelmaker playing in the bathroom dropped splashing guilty uh-oh

Thirteen-month-old troublemaker!

I’m not ready yet for M to be a toddler. But I do so love that tiny toddling stage. And I’ve been hiding dresses and skirts in the back of the closet because those are so frustrating for little crawlers. And park outings in the winter? Not very easy on the crawling crowd. There’s a lot to look forward to.

A full night’s sleep for both parents being one of them.

Either way, Miss M&M is growing up quick. She’s shedding her babyhood and moving on to bigger, louder, taller, longer things. More. And she’s a lot more work too. As you can see in the picture she is keeping me on my toes!

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