I was wrong (about Pinterest).

Oh boy do I hate saying those words.

Last spring, I jumped on board Pinterest when it began to take off. I scored an invite, looked around and promptly deleted my account. Then I posted a pretty scathing blog post. What I saw was mostly $400 pairs of shoes and magazine-perfect kitchens, with a few fishtail braids thrown in. I didn’t get it.

I didn’t want it.

Nine months later the site has morphed into an pop culture and social media phenomenon. And it’s serving a purpose (shout out to those of you who originally commented “but what if….” with some of the ways the site is currently being used), inspiring creativity, enabling productivity and (I’m hoping) spawning organization.

I want it.

What I don’t want is to be a big hypocrite. I’m not flippant. I take what I say, think and feel seriously. I’m also a big advocate for people being able to change their minds. And if that means admitting I was wrong, then okay.

I was wrong.

Pinterest is cool. And I’m ready to play with the cool kids. So somebody send me an invite!


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