Saturday Morning.

This morning M&M woke early, 5-5:30 and never went back to sleep despite attempts on the part of both parents. About 6:30 I did my best to put her back down and went downstairs for coffee and quiet computer time. At 6:45 Dot woke and screamed “Mooooommmmyyyyyyy” from her room.

We congregate in bed with Tony and I hear M chatting in her crib, saying her sister’s name over and over. I go get her. Fresh diaper, clean clothes. Tony takes a shower while the girls play downstairs. I have about 45 minutes until I need to leave for an 8am workout. Later in the morning we are having a bowling playdate with a few different families. I decide spending this little chunk of time putting away my clean clothes would be most productive.

I head upstairs and turn on this week Grey’s Anatomy (an episode I’m dying to watch). M cries. D freaks that someone needs to be downstairs with baby. They both come upstairs with me.

And so The Moment happens. It’s just after 7am on a sunny Saturday morning. In February. I’m drinking my caffeinated concoction of choice. The whole family is up. We’ve got good times on the horizon. We’ve got many of our chores done. The fridge is full of leftovers. The girls are happy(ish). They are both playing on the bed, amongst my piles of laundry. I watch about two minutes of Grey’s in 10-second intervals. I sip my coffee. I hear the shower running.

I feel really blessed.

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