A DIY Answer to the Dress-up Storage Question.

Our lucky little girls (M will surely inherit her big sister’s legacy) have quite a dress-up stash. When we moved into this house two years ago, Dot began accruing dress-up dresses. First, a Sleeping Beauty get-up as a Christmas gift at two-year-old, then a fancy Cinderella one, on sale from the Disney store for Valentine’s Day, then a beat-up [and SO beloved] Snow White dress from a garage sale, then an Alice in Wonderland costume my mom made for Halloween…and it was off from there.

floating corner shelf home project do-it-yourself beginning play room playroom armoire princess dressesIn the past two years we’ve accumulated quite a collection that had overtaken the under-the-stairs coat closet. I began looking at some kind of play room dress-up storage over a year ago but they are all crazy expensive. And kinda small. The Carousel Armoire was my favorite, but still $200 and it looking like it’d only hold a couple dresses.

Finally, as we set out on an Ikea trip, we decided to were going to DIY. And by We I, of course, mean He.

We found nothing for the project at Ikea, but a few days later Tony purchased this floating corner shelf from home depot. It turned out that was the easy part.

The next step(s) ended up taking a couple weeks, but I think much of that was due to our busy lives and trying to do this project from scratch, trial and error style. Though to be honest, I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention.

do it yourself dress up storage play room little girl princess attire floating corner shelf home project wood dowel cut glued rod socketFrom what I ascertain, two rod sockets were then purchased, as well as a fairly thick wood dowel. The dowel was then cut into three sections and crafted (glued?) back together so it met with the rod sockets. Does that make sense? I’m pretty sure this step was complicated as it took the longest.

As I went back to snap the picture on the right I noticed the…things that attaches the dowel to the shelf (and holds the weight, I presume). So that too.

The rod was then spray painted black, popped into the sockets, and…success! A dress-up area is made. On the cheap, too. 🙂

dress-up DIY do-it-yourself storage play room clothes little girl disney princess costume outfit home projectHe really did a great job, didn’t he?

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