Seven Minutes.

I have seven free minutes this Saturday morning, as I sit at my computer and drink tea while Dot watches Sprout (a rare occurrence, indeed, I don’t even know the channel number!) and the other two sleep. I’ve thrown some bacon in the oven to slow-cook on 250 for two hours and will be headed to an 8am workout.

It going to be sunny this weekend. And warm. Like maybe eighty.

That is amazing and exciting and tempered only with the assignment of a 10 page paper in class Tuesday with a one week deadline. Then Miss M came down with a fever and missed two days of daycare last week. We made it through, T and I splitting time home with her but now we’re both behind. Gah, it’s always an adventure isn’t it?

Happy weekend to you blogosphere! I am aiming to enjoy mine as best as I can because–know what?–I freaking deserve it. And all the stress…it gets me nowhere. Well, nowhere good.

So that’s my check-in. And I’ve got two minutes left to fine a little happy, sunny, no stress picture 🙂

no stress happy weekend just relax be happy health wellness

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