Happy and Hard.

Oh that’s quite the title isn’t it?

But really, it’s a good description of the past few weeks. Maybe add “crazy” except that’s just a given at this point I think. People tell me how busy I/we are, or how crazy our life is or ask again how many roles I’m currently playing on the regular. C’est la vie – gotta do what ya gotta do.

And now, a pretty epic update, if I do say so myself.

The Happy:

  • I’m really enjoying my “new” job. Some steady income is seriously amazing, it’s a serious game-changer after about two years without.
  • There are still a couple “career” opportunities looming that I think will work out pretty nicely for us.
  •  It’s been beautiful here lately, especially on the weekends. The northwest is prone to long, cold rainy Springs and this year has been a welcome diversion from the typical course.
  • I only have four more night of class before I’m done with my undergrad! I’m graduating Magna cum laude (i.e. with a GPA between 3.8 and 3.9) with a Bachelor’s in Social work and a minor in Women’s Studies…next month! (and I do feel obliged to add that my short-of perfect GPA suffers from a handful of B’s when I haphazardly attended college pre-parenthood in the midst of a pretty severe mental health crisis. I’m proud to say in the fifteen terms I’ve student parented the only non-4.0 grades I’ve received are three A minuses).
  • Dot is in the midst of the kindergarten registration process. She is very excited and I am…happy for her. And cautious of the impending change.

The Hard:

  • work/life/school/children/marriage balance. Always, right?
  • M&M; I haven’t the slightest idea what’s been going on with that child lately but she is driving us out of our minds. She cries and cries and cries all day long. She wants to be held all the time and she wants Daddy 24/7. Our already-loose hold on sanity has scarily slipped these past few weeks and that child snatches any semblance of freedom or productive opportunities. If this is disequilibrium, then I want to hide in bed for the next six months because I cannot handle it.
  • Last weekend I worked a portion of Saturday and Sunday, this weekend T is working Friday night and Saturday. It’s what we have to do right now, and it does free up our weekdays (a little), but this switch-off parenting is no joke (and that’s a whole ‘nother post).
  • Trying to fit rest and relaxation in. I swear to God the people that preach that either don’t have children, don’t have multiple, forgot the under 3 stage, or have a general disregard for the well-being of their spouse and/or the stress of their support network. Or, are independently wealthy. I feel neither rested nor relaxed with a shit-ton of to-dos on my shoulders. And since I don’t have time to get all (or lately even a fraction) of that list complete–sorry, can’t compute. 

More Happy:

  • I generally get 8-9 hours of sleep at night. I still eat strict Paleo. Except for the last week that I took off in an attempt to rest and heal a pulled muscle, I’ve managed to work out regularly this whole crazy damn year. That was a big fear of mine going in even 2-3 years ago. I knew how pivotal exercise is to my well-being and I had no idea how I was going to pull that off. Enter Clackamas Physical Conditioning. And I did it!
  • It’s farmer’s market season! A nearby summer market opened last week and our favorite on opens this Sunday. I am beyond stoked and seriously reveling in the difference between that and store-bought. You just can’t compare. We also signed up for a CSA this year, and words probably can’t even describe my excitement.
  • Shellac manicures. And daily deals! I got my first one (using a daily deal) three weeks ago. It remains today (though I’m getting it re-done this afternoon, hmmm relaxation! ), quite grown out but intact. as luck would have it a daily deal site where I had a significant amount of credits ran another deal shortly after and I was able to pick up two more coupons without spending a dime. I am loving not having to worry about re-doing my polish every Sunday night.

    mani manicure fingers nail painted gel pink light medium rose first shellac spa salon spring

    These aren't my nails but this is the color I got

  • Blog love. Wow, there was some craziness on this here blog a couple months ago and I’ll tell you, the traffic has yet to stop. I am regularly amazed by the hits this site gets and looks forward to the day I can do a better job of churning out the content.
  • The beginning of this term (we just completed week 6) were oddly packed with schoolwork and it seems to have died down and for the first time in a month and a half, I feel like I’ve got a handle on WTF is going on. That is a serious relief and I think it should be smooth sailing from here on out.
  • Costco finally began carrying Mauna Loa Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts again. Seriously nine months later. #epicpaleo dry roasted macademia nuts costco

More Hard:

  • My stress has been much higher than I’d like and I can tell the elevated cortisol has had negative effects physically and mentally. It sucks not to feel optimal and I hope to remedy that soon.
  • The children each went through this scary but seemingly harmless high-fever bug. In a span of two weeks (our kiddos are in-care four days per week) we had to stay home with a sickie three days. upsets like that are practically devastating when your schedule’s so tight. I look forward to the day I have PTO. Or somebody in our house does!
  • I recently turned down acceptance to the two-year MSW program at my school for next year. The last year of my bachelor’s replicated the first year of that program, so it was a less than ideal option from the beginning. I’ve been struggling to figure out how I will make grad school work for me, as the program that best fits my needs is an intense one-year program and here I’ve committed to a job for the foreseeable future that I can’t juggle with full-time grad school and [another] field placement and family obligations. Maybe when they’re older. Though I will tell you it kills me a little when I get asked (and it happens weekly at least) if I’m finishing up grad school. That, also, is another post.
  • This time of year is exciting and trying. There is a lot going on, a lot of holidays and birthdays and traditions that are good and fun and things we looks forward to all year but I gotta tell you the calendar through the July (maybe even early August?) gives me the heebie jeebies.
  • facial care castor oil olive oil water jojoba sunflowerI’ve been having the worst time with breakouts on my face for the past six or so weeks. It’s driving my insane and kinda making me hate life. I have wearing full makeup at all, much less feeling like I HAVE to. This, also is another post (see, I really do have like a dozen in my head!) as I began using the oil cleansing method in February. At first I say amazing results, seriously after the first use. I told everyone I knew. Lately I’ve been getting these big cystic zits like nothing I’ve ever experienced that hang around for weeks, popped or left alone. I’ve cried uncle and quit oil cleansing but now I’m not sure what to do.
  • Too much of my life is sitting. Maybe that’s why I’m rarely at my laptop anymore. Sitting at a desk, sitting in meetings, sitting in class, and driving, driving, driving. I need to fit more activity (walking!) into my life and I’m struggling to see where there is room.

Ending On a Happy Note:

  • It’s gonna be a good day!
  • Also, I blogged! Whoop whoop 😉
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