A Big IF.

IF I were to blog, I would talk about…

  • ¬†Officially graduating with my bachelor’s in social work last weekend.
  • What a great experience walking was, even as it was inconvenient and much of the ridiculously complicated family dynamics/logistics mirrored completing a degree as a parent.
  • That I graduated SUMMA CUM LAUDE and didn’t even know it until I showed up at the ceremony (I’d been down-selling myself to magna status).
  • Having an 18-month-old, being in full-blown toddlerhood complete with on-the-floor tantrums, sentences and general big-ness.
  • Not missing babyhood at all.
  • The garage sale we are having this weekend. Second annual and how nice and sweet and enjoyable it is that my family is so often able to all come together.
  • My amazing husband.
  • Feeling that typical rush of overwhelmed that I’m coming to know so well from this time of year with each weekend booked to the brim with festivities.
  • My firstborn baby turning five next week.
  • Going to Kindergarten Orientation.
  • Finding some groove in my new job.
  • The first three weeks of our CSA share.
  • The mental switch (or straddle) from stay-at-home mom to (mostly) working parent.
  • Being scared of Dot entering public school. Or any school. Also, being beyond ready.
  • Passing the one-year mark in cloth diapering (like 3-4 months ago) and what that process looks like now.
  • Just trying to get through each day as it seems to careen at break-neck speed and the kiddos are rarely buckled in and it’s hard to be sure who is even behind the wheel so we are just holding on for dear life and trying to prep so best we can when there’s a free second or two.
  • Next year, please give me a talking to if I decide to host a birthday party (well, give in to Dot’s insisting it be at home) less than a week after we have a garage sale. If this is also a week after throwing a big graduation party (followed immediately by commencement/father’s day), then just smack me. Oh and the day after said birthday party we are supposed to be packed up and ready to go for almost a week at the beach. VACAY! If we can make it ’til then.
  • What the future holds, even if it’s mostly still questions with a few further formulated hopes.
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