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Five is full of wonder.

Five years of motherhood.

And a five year old girl.

Straddling the line between big and little.

In the world we move in, filled with babyhood and preschoolers, five (and tall for that!) towers. Yet headed for baby status [kindergarten] in the fall.

Dot is as much herself as she has ever been. She’s quick to feel emotion, intensely. She’s kind-hearted and stubborn. She’s so bright and full of life. She’s a natural leader and has easily embraced the big sister role.

She’s a lot like she was at four…but bigger. Calmer. Wiser. More measured and insightful. It’s bittersweet this watching them grow up.

In that last year I’ve found that I’ve shifted out of nostalgia or losing-the-moment based parenting and more into an acceptance of the present…and a lot  of excitement for the future. (For example, I am OVER babyhood. I cannot wait for day trips, diaperlessness, independence, and overnights. I’m ready for two kids and all the doors that will open once toddlerhood (sweet and beloved though it may be) is in our past.)

In the past I’ve stressed over spending enough time, making the most memories and soaking up all the sweet. I’m in a place now where quality over quantity feels natural and right. It’s actually a big relief.

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Five is magical.

And Five seems to fit right in with that outlook.

Five isn’t so interested with Mom and Dad, though sometimes is pretty cool.

Five (at least in our house) is social and outgoing.

Five goes on camping trips sans the family and contemplates overnights with friends.

Five likes to spend an hour or two alone in her room.

Five watches Harry Potter and reads Boxcar Children, American Girl, Little House on the Prairie and non-Ramona Beverly Cleary.

Five is so eager to soak up reading and writing and geography and math…but so hesitant to be taught by her parents.

Five is on the cusp.

And, for whatever reason, I feel like we as a family are right there with her. Happy Birthday to our Dot.

And with that, another year passes oh so much quicker than the last.

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