Up, up and away

A rare post calls for an extraordinary occurrence. In this case, that would be an expanse of time (five days and four nights to be exact) relieved from my mother and wife-ly duties.

I am currently traveling down south (Texas to be exact) on business. Whoa. This may be one of the most grown up things I’ve done to date. Because, to be honest, usually travel arrangements are made FOR me and logistics taken care of by my better half. In this case I made arrangements not only for myself but for five other professional travel companions.

And now, I’m blogging from my iPhone on the floor of the San Francisco airport on the clock.

Sweet life 😉

I’m hoping to make time in my freakishly free evenings for a little blogging this week, so stay tuned. I’ll either revel in the calm and quiet or start to go batty.

Also, it’s going to be freakishly hot. So, wish me luck with that!


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