2012 Resulotions Rundown.

This past year was the first I made New Year resolutions (and then added a few!). I meant to check in on my progress toward those somewhat off-the-cuff goals all year. I never did. Last night, during a rare bout of insomnia I pulled my 2012 list up with metaphorical fingers barely splayed over my eyes.

But you know what? I pretty much rocked it!

  1. I said “No” more. We even missed some kiddie birthday parties. And it was okay.
  2. We got some paid help with the house and the yard. Money well spent.
  3. We joined a CSA and bought the majority of our meat/eggs directly from local farmers! Very happy about the steps made in that direction. And more to come.
  4. I probably bought too many clothes. Oops. But I shopped a lot of consignment.
  5. I think family time did take a higher priority. Especially once I finished school. Have you seen me blogging in the past six months? Um, no.
  6. I got a chin-up! And I’m on the tiniest band for pull-up, that adds helps with like five pounds.
  7. Podcast listening fail 🙁
  8. Mobility. Well, I did at-home exercises in the Spring. Then slacked off again, but started up last month when my SI joint began acting up. Some progress.
  9. Photo-a-day project? Owned! And so close to being done, thank you God. I think I missed 3-4 days out of the whole year.
  10. I did not get a single parking ticket this year!
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