To be real.

I find myself in a somewhat profound space lately sitting with the weight of understanding that we have but one life. And it’s passing and we are living it, whether we are able to acknowledge and embrace that fact or not. I can speak only for myself, but I want, desire, and strive to live a full life. To be a whole person. To be an authentic being muddling through in the same vein we all are.

authenticity defintionI have many thoughts, observations, insights, theories and fears that have build up over unplanned writing sabbatical. I think I’ve learned to better express myself in the course of my “real” life (i.e. non-virtual). I like the person I am, and I have developed a wide network of relationships with amazing people whom I cherish. I would say I am “real” with many people in many different facets and strive also to be “real” through social media and other mediums.

I’ve always felt blogging was my most authentic outlet–more than a status, a picture, or a 140 character snark. When I engage in those platforms without this, I lose the depth of myself–the current under the surface, if you will. It is easy to veer into “image crafting” which we all see and consciously or unconsciously respond to on Facebook/other daily. I always want to tell the whole story and the back story. And it’s okay if most don’t want to listen.

I do struggle now with a new identity as a professional. I have been blogging off and on since I was a sophomore in high school and the weight of it seemed very different. I am eager to explore the nexus and/or balance between expressing the whole of my worldview and experience within the context of professionalism.

That is my long way of saying I am ready to be back in this space, though I have many considerations over the content/context, whilst being clear on my own intent.

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