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Five years of motherhood. And a five year old girl. Straddling the line between big and little. In the world we move in, filled with babyhood and preschoolers, five (and tall for that!) towers. Yet headed for baby status [kindergarten] … Continue reading

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Life Cycles: blogging through them

A post where I lament over the fluidity of life. I’ve waxed and waned as a blogger since 2001. I can look back and see the times that I’ve most consistently blogged were when I was especially isolated–be it by … Continue reading

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A Big IF.

IF I were to blog, I would talk about…  Officially graduating with my bachelor’s in social work last weekend. What a great experience walking was, even as it was inconvenient and much of the ridiculously complicated family dynamics/logistics mirrored completing … Continue reading

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Happy and Hard.

Oh that’s quite the title isn’t it? But really, it’s a good description of the past few weeks. Maybe add “crazy” except that’s just a given at this point I think. People tell me how busy I/we are, or how … Continue reading

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Seven Minutes.

I have seven free minutes this Saturday morning, as I sit at my computer and drink tea while Dot watches Sprout (a rare occurrence, indeed, I don’t even know the channel number!) and the other two sleep. I’ve thrown some … Continue reading

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In the whirlwind.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog. It’s not that documenting, sharing, engaging, pondering, proclaiming (etc.), is not important or interesting to me. It’s that the weeks are a whirlwind. It is all I can do to prepare for … Continue reading

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Paleo thoughts.

Eleven months. I’ve been eating Paleo (admittedly of varying degrees) and doing high intensity interval training for eleven months. I’ve seen amazing physical results, which is great. Socially sanctioned and it’s nice to have some numbers to spew out to … Continue reading

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One week.

I’m starting this post in a calm-ish half hour, the eye in the storm in you will. It’s Thursday afternoon, the husband is working and the children are at their respective childcare facilities. I just completed my last final paper, … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings (and more change).

Aside from my (likely over-the-top) whole30 coverage, It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. That is not for lack of happenings. Much has been going on behind the scenes and the past week marked a “coming out” of sorts that … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Future Self.

In the summer of 2010 I took what my school calls a “capstone course” called Effecting Change. This is a 6-credit course that could be compared to a senior project or a mini field placement. I chose this particular capstone … Continue reading

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