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Like Wildflowers…

I don’t think I need many words beyond those above tonight. I’ve had the amazing fortune or sharing my feelings over recent days with a variety of people in amazingly various forms: in person, via text, online message/email, facebook post … Continue reading

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What’s your narrative?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about narratives. Narratives are the stories we tell, about ourselves, our loved ones, sometimes our not-so-loved ones. I had this realization the other day, that often narratives are all that is left of someone … Continue reading

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Twenty-five things I didn’t figure out in my twenties.

It was validating and somewhat therapeutic to write my previous post, describing some remarkable experiences in my last decade. If you haven’t read it, please take the time as it provides context for this subsequent list. I’m damn proud of … Continue reading

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Thirty-one things I did in my twenties.

I’ve seen more “20 Thing You Learn in Your Twenties” lists than I can count or link to. I appreciate these lists for perspective and a social expectations check-in. But I don’t find those generic articles to represent my experience … Continue reading

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I have been twenty-nine for between 10 and 11 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed this age, as I feel like my chronological number is finally catching up to my life place and I can still joke about not getting things … Continue reading

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To be real.

I find myself in a somewhat profound space lately sitting with the weight of understanding that we have but one life. And it’s passing and we are living it, whether we are able to acknowledge and embrace that fact or … Continue reading

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It’s been 440 days since I wrote a blog post. Written like that it seems so much longer than to just say “last April”. I’ve done a lot in that time–most notably complete a graduate degree. A crazy, trying, and … Continue reading

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Sitting with possibility.

I’ve found myself sitting between two life changes this spring. And also the realization that this is nothing new. I will always be who I am and it’s becoming obvious I’m a sucker for more, harder, higher or just plain … Continue reading

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Make your own drama (shoe shopping)

Please tell me I’m not the only one who creates these situations for herself. Spring has been in the air in Portland. And on the shelves at the mall for…a month or two now? I have a notoriously hard time … Continue reading

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Mabel: Our Malshi Puppy

Have you ever, ever seen anything as adorable as the newest member of our little clan? This is Mabel Cutie (middle name picked by the five-year-old, obviously). Mabel is a Maltese-Shih tzu blend (both parents are full breeds) that came … Continue reading

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