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Whole30: the solitary version

I’m currently on Day 17 on my second Whole30. I did my first go-round last February and in to March. I ended up taking pictures of all my meals. Which I shared on this blog. Which posts to Facebook. My … Continue reading

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Social Media Break: Two weeks in

Did you all know that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) wasn’t renewed before it expired on Jan 1? Working in the domestic violence field this is a huge deal. In the fall VAWA was all over the news–my news … Continue reading

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Cleaning house (and so much more).

I gave myself an unofficial challenge this first month of the new year. Perhaps without even knowing I had done so, but as the days and weeks pass it has shaped itself in my head and my actions. It all … Continue reading

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Transition complete(ish).

I took the slow and gradual route toward working momhood. First I was an exclusive stay-at-home mom. Then, I did online schoolwork in my “spare” time. When Dot was a year I took one on-campus class–one night per week. Then, … Continue reading

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Finding a Fresh Start.

The new year is a curious thing. Many times it has slipped by me as little more than a marker that the return to school is that much closer. Or a reminder that taxes need to be done. 2013 is … Continue reading

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2012 Resulotions Rundown.

This past year was the first I made New Year resolutions (and then added a few!). I meant to check in on my progress toward those somewhat off-the-cuff goals all year. I never did. Last night, during a rare bout … Continue reading

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We’re in-between seasons. And it’s the most beautiful mix of the best of the two. The days aren’t too short yet. The afternoons are sunny, warm–even hot! The mornings are crisp and cool. The leaves are so barely changing that … Continue reading

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Up, up and away

A rare post calls for an extraordinary occurrence. In this case, that would be an expanse of time (five days and four nights to be exact) relieved from my mother and wife-ly duties. I am currently traveling down south (Texas … Continue reading

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Five years of motherhood. And a five year old girl. Straddling the line between big and little. In the world we move in, filled with babyhood and preschoolers, five (and tall for that!) towers. Yet headed for baby status [kindergarten] … Continue reading

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Life Cycles: blogging through them

A post where I lament over the fluidity of life. I’ve waxed and waned as a blogger since 2001. I can look back and see the times that I’ve most consistently blogged were when I was especially isolated–be it by … Continue reading

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