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One week.

I’m starting this post in a calm-ish half hour, the eye in the storm in you will. It’s Thursday afternoon, the husband is working and the children are at their respective childcare facilities. I just completed my last final paper, … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Bottles! (and peace out pump)

As of a few weeks ago M&M is completely off bottles! Bottles have been somewhat supplemental for the past four or so months (she eats three solid meals a day) and mostly acted as a sleep aid. A Mommy-isn’t-here sleep … Continue reading

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Second Born: It’s a[nother] GIRL! (Birth Story-Part III)

Hopefully this post can catch you up. Basically my second baby (for whom gender is unknown) is about twenty minutes away from making her grand entrance. And I’ve got no drugs. Between the last posting and this one I finally … Continue reading

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Gadgets and Gizmos and Gurus (oh my!).

Where, in 2011, would we be without our technology? I, personally, would be lost. Disconnected. Uninformed. And perhaps bored. The iPhone. Blessed be that magical device. It has changed my life and, may I add, revolutionized breastfeeding. And the way … Continue reading

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No Babies, Bumps, Due Dates and Year Olds.

I’m currently patching together Miss M&M’s first birthday party. It’s happening one year from my (her?) due date. Which was exactly one year after I got my IUD removed. Whoa. And I realized there’s a lot to be thankful for … Continue reading

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Six months without sleep equals…night weaning?

M&M is now eleven months old. And her parents are eleven months exhausted. Give or take. I’m now looking back fondly on the first five months of co-sleeping, but it clearly did not suit M as well as it did … Continue reading

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Sobriety: A Long-Term Disability (Part V)

This is the fifth post in a five-part series discussing addiction, recovery [relapse], and long-term sobriety. As I celebrate five substance-free years, I am taking the time to [publicly] look back at where I really was in the months preceding … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding and Biting.

In honor of Miss M&M biting the $#%* out of my right nipple this morning, I am resurrecting an old post from when Dotter was ten months and change (just a few weeks older than M currently is). Now, I … Continue reading

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Flexibility (as a family, through this transition).

Any brewing post ideas I ever have are long and involved. Or at least beyond the 5-10 consecutive free minutes I have had the past two weeks. And no, I am not exaggerating. With classes beginning next week I know … Continue reading

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Through the iPhone: The last Sunday of summer.

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