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Where the Time Goes (hint: it’s the naps).

Something has been different lately. The last month or so. No, it’s not the job. Or the coursework. Or the weather or the money or….or. It’s the children. And it’s their schedules. Dot and M&M attend two separate daycares. Pre-daycare … Continue reading

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First day of daycare.

This sweet little face knew something was up yesterday morning. The Monday after “spring forward” Daylight Savings was a somewhat unfortunate time for a first day, especially because I was supposed to be at an 8am training. Initially I was … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings (and more change).

Aside from my (likely over-the-top) whole30 coverage, It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. That is not for lack of happenings. Much has been going on behind the scenes and the past week marked a “coming out” of sorts that … Continue reading

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The Kiddo Connudrum.

This is not going to be a nice post. This is not going to be a politically correct post. This post does not represent how I feel every day. Or all day. Or most days. But this post is real. … Continue reading

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2011: The Year in Review.

This holiday season I spent the better part of a week custom designing calendars for some of our family as gifts. I also did photo books for each girl. That amounts to a lot of time spent sifting through photos … Continue reading

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Dependable, Quality Childcare.

Without help (paid or otherwise) with our girls, our world would stop. I would not be in school. I would not be the best mom I could be. Without good childcare, I would not be able to breeze through my … Continue reading

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Hello, September. You sure look different…

I have weird butterflies as I open the “Add New Post” page. Is it because it’s been so long since I’ve done so? Is it because I’m not quite sure what to say? How to say? Is it excitement? Trepidation? … Continue reading

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