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Disneyland: Part I – Getting there.

I have a feeling I will be working on the re-cap of this trip for days, or longer, to come. I’d like to be wrong though! We’ll see if I can bust it out while the memories are fresh 🙂 … Continue reading

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Disneyland: A Blur.

Writing this on my phone, on the plane home. Isn’t technology crazy? The trip was a blur of intensity: happiness, excitement, exhaustion, and everything in between. Hopefully I’ll have time for a real post soon. I greatly overestimated the downtime … Continue reading

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Disneyland: The Plan.

  Tomorrow’s the big day! Today we have no plans other than laundry, packing, picking up some last minute essentials (so far the only thing that’s on the list is snacks) and maybe fitting in a tad bit of pre-chaos … Continue reading

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Disneyland: Why now?

We are three days out from our Disneyland trip. Tony has been to Disneyworld but not Disneyland. I went to Disneyland twice as a kid (ages 3 and 11) and once as a adolescent on a band trip. The last … Continue reading

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How the Adidas employee store balanced my life.

That’s optimistic, right? Last night I had a conversation with a friend about inherent optimism versus inherent pessimism. She thought I was an optimist. Huh? Hmmm. In a kind of crazy way that may be plausible. I told her I … Continue reading

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