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I could have cried into my [delicious, Paleo] chicken dinner.

Dot is a picky eater. Her 4th birthday is just around the corner and I tell myself it’s just a phase and remind myself that I, too, could not be persuaded to keep an open mind where things I thought … Continue reading

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Freedom Flowers.

Now a week old, this bouquet has definitely seen better days. Last Friday morning Dot and I went on a Starbucks date before her doctor’s appointment. Yes, another doctor’s appointment! After a week battling the high fever, there was only … Continue reading

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Before Noon.

If I ever wonder why I prefer to be in bed long before 9pm I will refer to this post. This is not necessarily a typical day, then again I’m not sure what typical even looks like in this raising-little-kids … Continue reading

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Becoming a Mother: My first birth story.

My firstborn, Dot the Dotter, was birthed in a hosptial, by an Ob-gyn, in the Seattle area. Her dad and I were anxious, nervous, over-the-moon excited [unwed, basically poor] first-time parents. I went into early labor in the evening, two … Continue reading

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The Drama Queen is in my panties!

It’s breakfast time. M&M is amusing herself in a non-food manner in her highchair. Dot is sitting at the table, food in front of her, not quite into the eating groove yet. I am bustling around the kitchen trying to … Continue reading

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Another first, today it was gymnastics class.

My elder daughter had her first gymnastics class tonight. Actually her first class of any type. She stayed home with me until she was two years old and change. Previous to that she had very little time with other kids. … Continue reading

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Baby nicknames.

A week away from four months (eek!) M&M has a handful of nicknames. Obviously, M&M being one of them. I blogged about Dot’s nicknames when she was around three months. Dot was her primary nickname then and it’s stuck. Though, … Continue reading

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A Princess Haircut.

We are pretty firmly entrenched in Disney culture around here. For better. For worse. For now. But that, the future of that, the joys of that, the possible implications of that, are another post. Plus, with a much-anticipated Disneyland trip … Continue reading

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It’s a small world. My small world.

My life is a little small right now. Maybe not the best time to start blogging. With the recent arrival of Little M&M, my days mostly consist of eating, feeding, sleeping, changing, cleaning, laundry, tweeting, facebooking, etc. The focus on … Continue reading

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