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Such is life.

I’ve been wanting to blog the past few days but choosing instead to be present in the real life. Or listening to what life has chosen for me. Either way, I am enjoying the first quiet and unscheduled moment in … Continue reading

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Spring Break Goals.

Keep up with the working out. Avoid having to go through the first-day boxing soreness again. Start making M&M’s room feel more like a place of her own instead of a random crib in the corner of a catchall extra … Continue reading

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How the Adidas employee store balanced my life.

That’s optimistic, right? Last night I had a conversation with a friend about inherent optimism versus inherent pessimism. She thought I was an optimist. Huh? Hmmm. In a kind of crazy way that may be plausible. I told her I … Continue reading

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I have been feeling incredibly frazzled the past few days. Maybe longer, but frazzled goes with the new baby territory and with busy lives in general. The last couple days have reached a new level of intensity, mostly in a … Continue reading

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