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Another sick day.

It’s another sick day for us! Oh the joys. Thankfully it’s not actually us. As of this moment, it is just Dot. She spiked a high high fever yesterday (we’re talking 104º-105º range). Meds brought it down, but just two … Continue reading

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The flu, the yard, the weekend, the week, the craziness.

Oh man, where is the time going? Last week Dot spent Wednesday night throwing up. By Thursday morning she was mostly better. Of course she still spent the day home from daycare. Friday she went back and I was relieved … Continue reading

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Another first, today it was gymnastics class.

My elder daughter had her first gymnastics class tonight. Actually her first class of any type. She stayed home with me until she was two years old and change. Previous to that she had very little time with other kids. … Continue reading

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