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2011: The Year in Review.

This holiday season I spent the better part of a week custom designing calendars for some of our family as gifts. I also did photo books for each girl. That amounts to a lot of time spent sifting through photos … Continue reading

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No ‘poo: Is a shampoo-free lifestyle right for you? For me?

Though it’s been around for awhile, the no ‘poo movement has popped into my conscious in recent weeks. Seriously, I think I’m having one of those moments where life is sending you a message. I first linked to Bambino Steps … Continue reading

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Four years old.

My first baby is now four years old. Four years ago I brought a living being into this world. I don’t think the shock and awe of that, and wonder at the way the time passes, will ever go away. … Continue reading

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel: A Tangled Birthday Party.

The past weekend we celebrated Dot’s upcoming 4th birthday with large gaggle of fellow preschoolers, a half dozen or so baby siblings, and a herd of accompanying parents. It was chaos. But the celebratory, beautiful summer Saturday morning, kind. Dot … Continue reading

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On Short Hair.

After publicly musing over the meanings of–and attachment to–my daughter’s long hair, I found myself re-assessing my relationship with my own. I hope to write a Hair Chronicles-type post in the near future because, to be quite frank, I have … Continue reading

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A Princess Haircut.

We are pretty firmly entrenched in Disney culture around here. For better. For worse. For now. But that, the future of that, the joys of that, the possible implications of that, are another post. Plus, with a much-anticipated Disneyland trip … Continue reading

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