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Trapped in my life.

Picture this. It’s Mother’s Day. And I’m sad. Like, really sad. And kind of mad. But I don’t know why. I mean, yes, I’m freaking ravenous (slightly long story) so maybe it’s that but it’s not really. That doesn’t build … Continue reading

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Seven Minutes.

I have seven free minutes this Saturday morning, as I sit at my computer and drink tea while Dot watches Sprout (a rare occurrence, indeed, I don’t even know the channel number!) and the other two sleep. I’ve thrown some … Continue reading

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The Kiddo Connundrum: Addendum

Oh moms, we’re all in this chin-deep aren’t we? And non-moms, you have your own beasts. And dads…men. Well, write your own blog 😉 I usually use this forum to talk about how lucky I am (ugh, that sounds horrible … Continue reading

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Second Born: It’s a[nother] GIRL! (Birth Story-Part III)

Hopefully this post can catch you up. Basically my second baby (for whom gender is unknown) is about twenty minutes away from making her grand entrance. And I’ve got no drugs. Between the last posting and this one I finally … Continue reading

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Sobriety: A Lifesaver (Part IV)

This is the fourth post in a five-part series discussing addiction, recovery [relapse], and long-term sobriety. As I celebrate five substance-free years, I am taking the time to [publicly] look back at where I really was in the months preceding … Continue reading

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Hello, September. You sure look different…

I have weird butterflies as I open the “Add New Post” page. Is it because it’s been so long since I’ve done so? Is it because I’m not quite sure what to say? How to say? Is it excitement? Trepidation? … Continue reading

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Turning a day around.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the Part II of M&M’s birth story. I’ve been otherwise occupied this week! Last night my baby sister (I’m the oldest of four) graduated from high school. This caused me to be out until about … Continue reading

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My name is Ashley, and I am an Introvert.

If there were another -ism to the widely accepted list (sexism, racism, ageism, etc.) I would lobby hard for temperamentism. Okay, so it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the concept is spot on. Our society, and the many … Continue reading

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Just Say No [to Pinterest].

Okay, maybe that is a little harsh. Of course I believe in freedom of choice, and that each of us knows what’s best for us (when, why, how, who, where). That being said…really? Really?! After seeing the #pinterest hashtag pop … Continue reading

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Why I’m letting my baby Cry It Out.

Here are a few hints: No, I don’t want to traumatize her. Yes, I love her dearly. Yes, I have a heart. No, I’m not trying to detach from her. I want good sleep. And good awake time. For all … Continue reading

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