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I have been twenty-nine for between 10 and 11 months. I have thoroughly enjoyed this age, as I feel like my chronological number is finally catching up to my life place and I can still joke about not getting things … Continue reading

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We’re in-between seasons. And it’s the most beautiful mix of the best of the two. The days aren’t too short yet. The afternoons are sunny, warm–even hot! The mornings are crisp and cool. The leaves are so barely changing that … Continue reading

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Five years of motherhood. And a five year old girl. Straddling the line between big and little. In the world we move in, filled with babyhood and preschoolers, five (and tall for that!) towers. Yet headed for baby status [kindergarten] … Continue reading

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A Big IF.

IF I were to blog, I would talk about…  Officially graduating with my bachelor’s in social work last weekend. What a great experience walking was, even as it was inconvenient and much of the ridiculously complicated family dynamics/logistics mirrored completing … Continue reading

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First day of daycare.

This sweet little face knew something was up yesterday morning. The Monday after “spring forward” Daylight Savings was a somewhat unfortunate time for a first day, especially because I was supposed to be at an 8am training. Initially I was … Continue reading

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Endings and Beginnings (and more change).

Aside from my (likely over-the-top) whole30 coverage, It’s been pretty quiet around here lately. That is not for lack of happenings. Much has been going on behind the scenes and the past week marked a “coming out” of sorts that … Continue reading

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It’s my blog birthday! One year ago today I posted my first blog post at robustorbust.com. Though, back then it was .wordpress.com 😉 I was not sure what this medium would come to offer me or where the journey would … Continue reading

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Fourteen Months.

There’s a milestone looming (in the next week, eek!) that probably doesn’t mean much to most mothers. I had no idea it would be so significant for me–for us. Dot was a rough, pretty high-needs baby. And at fourteen months, … Continue reading

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Bye-bye Bottles! (and peace out pump)

As of a few weeks ago M&M is completely off bottles! Bottles have been somewhat supplemental for the past four or so months (she eats three solid meals a day) and mostly acted as a sleep aid. A Mommy-isn’t-here sleep … Continue reading

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2011: The Year in Review.

This holiday season I spent the better part of a week custom designing calendars for some of our family as gifts. I also did photo books for each girl. That amounts to a lot of time spent sifting through photos … Continue reading

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