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Paleo thoughts.

Eleven months. I’ve been eating Paleo (admittedly of varying degrees) and doing high intensity interval training for eleven months. I’ve seen amazing physical results, which is great. Socially sanctioned and it’s nice to have some numbers to spew out to … Continue reading

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First day of daycare.

This sweet little face knew something was up yesterday morning. The Monday after “spring forward” Daylight Savings was a somewhat unfortunate time for a first day, especially because I was supposed to be at an 8am training. Initially I was … Continue reading

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My nine month old.

My nine month old is blossoming by the day. Whereas from about four months to eight, she mostly stayed in a similar [sedentary] groove, I am forced now to look ahead to the ever-nearing end of babyhood. My nine month … Continue reading

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