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Trapped in my life.

Picture this. It’s Mother’s Day. And I’m sad. Like, really sad. And kind of mad. But I don’t know why. I mean, yes, I’m freaking ravenous (slightly long story) so maybe it’s that but it’s not really. That doesn’t build … Continue reading

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That really important thing I didn’t learn in social work school.

This post came to me last night as I was flirting with sleep. The past few months have tortured me in a way I’ve struggled to put my finger on or put words to. I am constantly looking inside myself … Continue reading

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Twenty-five things I didn’t figure out in my twenties.

It was validating and somewhat therapeutic to write my previous post, describing some remarkable experiences in my last decade. If you haven’t read it, please take the time as it provides context for this subsequent list. I’m damn proud of … Continue reading

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In the whirlwind.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog. It’s not that documenting, sharing, engaging, pondering, proclaiming (etc.), is not important or interesting to me. It’s that the weeks are a whirlwind. It is all I can do to prepare for … Continue reading

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Child Development: Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

“Did you ever feel as if parenting your children was like riding a roller coaster?  At one point you are enjoying your offspring and the next you are wondering what ever happened to your sweet little girl or your charming … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Future Self.

In the summer of 2010 I took what my school calls a “capstone course” called Effecting Change. This is a 6-credit course that could be compared to a senior project or a mini field placement. I chose this particular capstone … Continue reading

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I was wrong (about Pinterest).

Oh boy do I hate saying those words. Last spring, I jumped on board Pinterest when it began to take off. I scored an invite, looked around and promptly deleted my account. Then I posted a pretty scathing blog post. … Continue reading

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The Kiddo Connundrum: Addendum

Oh moms, we’re all in this chin-deep aren’t we? And non-moms, you have your own beasts. And dads…men. Well, write your own blog 😉 I usually use this forum to talk about how lucky I am (ugh, that sounds horrible … Continue reading

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Four Oregon Seasons.

It seems each year I am more appreciative of the ebb and flow seasons give to life. I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without green, without color, without change, without rain. I am an Oregonian born and bred. My lineage in … Continue reading

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Sobriety: A Long-Term Disability (Part V)

This is the fifth post in a five-part series discussing addiction, recovery [relapse], and long-term sobriety. As I celebrate five substance-free years, I am taking the time to [publicly] look back at where I really was in the months preceding … Continue reading

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